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Innovex Hair Dryer IHD 01 INNOVEX Personal Care
1,990.00 LKR

Pensonic Hair Dryer PHD-2001 Pensonic Personal Care
4,400.00 LKR

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philips epilator BRE-200 philips  Personal Care
6,100.00 LKR

Philips Beard Trimmer BT1210 philips  Personal Care
3,625.00 LKR

Philips Beard Trimmer BT1215/15 Philips  Personal Care
4,575.00 LKR

Philips Beard Trimmer BT3201/15 philips  Personal Care
5,325.00 LKR

Philips Hair Dryer HP8100 Philips  Personal Care
2,750.00 LKR

Philips OneBlade Shaver QP2512 Philips  Personal Care
6,550.00 LKR

Philips Satin Shave HP6306 Philips  Personal Care
5,650.00 LKR

Philips Straightener HP8303 Philips  Personal Care
3,500.00 LKR

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philips Straightener HP8319/03 philips  Personal Care
4,950.00 LKR

Philips Straightener HP8343 philips  Personal Care
7,800.00 LKR

Philips- Hair Dryer BHC010/00 philips Personal Care
2,850.00 LKR

Philips- OneBlade Shaver QP2525 Philips  Personal Care
8,850.00 LKR

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6,875.00 LKR

Stallion HT 5577 Stallion  Personal Care
2,150.00 LKR

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2,450.00 LKR